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Punk Rock Mushrooms


A bibliographical zine on mushrooms (and how punk rock they are).


To create a bibliography of your chosen subject using the historical and theoretical concepts learnt in class, in the format of a physical zine.


Mushrooms were a subject we felt was under-portrayed - and this piqued our interest. The next question was, how could we portray this entity in an interesting and unique way to make our project stand out?


After brainstorming, we realised that mushrooms had quite the alternative streak. Bouncing off this idea, we sought to create a bibliography of mushrooms as a punk rock entity.


• Layout and formatting on InDesign

• Content research on philosophy and existing mushroom data

• Designed and illustrated graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator

Copy-writing (easy-to-understand philosophical essays on mushrooms)

• Printing and binding

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